By maximizing the availability and the working safety, supervising and minimizing the costs, the managing authorities can run their machinery in a more effective and profitable way.

Activities such as monitoring and optimizing energy consumption, predicting components deterioration in way to prevent breakdowns, planning the maintenance during stops can be realized only by measuring and monitoring peculiar magnitudes (e.g. current absorbed by the main engine) in time-base and specific indicators (e.g. gearbox vibration growth ratio).

MoMoTe can provide:

  • ITHACA data loggers that can work beside to existing machinery automation
  • data analysis software
  • monitoring and diagnosis services with alarms generators linked to maintenance squads, managers or machinery directors.

and make these data consultable on mobile devices (by messages) and on cloud computing (web based).

ITHACA can acquire electric, mechanical, thermal, oil quality magnitudes by dedicated sensors or by interfacing with machinery automation. By this architecture, the system can integrate all the information in a database that can completely describe the plant conditions.