MoMoTe has a strong link with academic world that naturally pushes to a continuous research for innovative and reliable solutions.


This is realized in different ways:

  • data analysis techinques get constantly updated as well as diagnosis/prognosis are too
  • IT technology searches for new tools and architectures for a simpler management and extraction of information from data
  • results from our routines are constantly compared to international experts’ state of art by challenges introduced by maintenance specialists
  • we support students’ and researchers’ thirst for knowledge in solving new industrial dares coming from customers.


Nowadays NDTs are about metallic materials, they are employed in weld analysis or in flaw research. Nevertheless, in some cases, classical procedures may not be effective or the analysis could be out of their capabilities. MoMoTe is active in the developing of survey techniques based on specific requests.

By now, MoMoTe is focusing on the development of hybrid thecniques for prognosis that integrate sperimental data-based models with phisics-based models of the process.
The goal is to maximize the coherence of the numerical model and to minimize the requirements of necessary data.

MoMoTe can also develope solutions and researches not directly related to machinery monitorings. We already investigated loading properties of fabrics lounges in collaboration with a leader manufacter.