ITHACA is the platform for condition monitoring developed in-house by MoMoTe, based on the fusion between a dedicated software and a selected hardware that suites to every working environment.
It can acquire and analyse data coming from dedicated sensors or from the plant’s automation, with the goals of maximizing the machinery performances and minimizing its costs.
Components can be linked in various configurations depending on customer’s needings and capabilities, or on type and number of required analysis, or on channels’ number and storage position.

Hardware components are industial PCs and high performance acquisition modules that have to be placed nearby the machinery in way to acquire either field data coming from installed sensors or information running between PLCs via field bus.
Maximum amount of channels is virtually unlimited because all the acquiring modules share, by their interconnection, a common clock that synchronizes the entire net. This architecture can be interlaced to the most of data transmission standard and protocols.

Software components are installed either on the field industrial PCs or on remote servers where data get stored. In the first case, they support monitoring activities of ITHACA MPSM (Machine Protection Systems Module), in the second one they oversee to diagnosis activities performed by ITHACA CBMM (Condition Based Maintenance Module) and prognosis by ITHACA CBPM (Condition Based Production Module).
MPSM performs a soft real-time data elaboration (below 1 second) focused on giving the operator information about machinery’s health and performance conditions. CBMM and CBPM work on long-time data collection in way to determine robust information about next to breakdown components (diagnosis) and their residual worktime (prognosis).

Elaborated data, warnings and alarms are available via periodical reports, e-mails or sms depending on customer’s needings. Data and analysis storage can be done on local repository or on cloud.

ITHACA platform is aligned to Industry 4.0 paradigms. Every module fits in the definition of products suitable for monitoring and improving of machineries and allows to gain access to economical benefits provided by the governmets for this kind of applications. This, flanked to all the techincal/economical advantages in maintenance, is a huge advantage in implementing ITHACA platform.