Safety is a basic concept for any company nowadays. It heavily affects every choice: materials, productive processes and reliability tests.

Almost everything around us was designed to guarantee a time-independent quality.

It’s important to define a precise analysis during the life of a part in way to ensure a good availability of it. This could be realized by some techniques that allow to test the component in a non invasive way searching for critical bugs that may affect the reliability of the part. These defectiveness analysis may concern the surface or the inner part of the component, finding flaws (such as cracks, pores, lacks of fusion, etc…)  that may outcome during the production or the working life.

The uprising of dangerous wreckages can be prevented, giving an increase of availability of the whole machine.


Non Destructive Testing (NDT) consists in determining if a component is acceptable as design specifications regarding their production or their working life. They are employed mostly on steel but they are evolving also on different materials, especially on composites. Common applications can be found in Mechanical or Civil Engineering with advanced levels in Aerospace, Automotive and Transportation.

NDT on ropeways is required by norms during the periodical maintenance(every 5 years).

MoMoTe can provide 2nd level technicians qualified according to international norm UNI EN ISO 9712 in several techniques:

– Visual Test (VT)
– Penetrant Liquid Testi (LP)
– Magnetic Test (MT or MPI)
– Ultrasonic Test (UT)
– Termography Test (TT)

and 2nd level technicians according to UNI EN 12927 in Magneto-Inductive Testing (MIT or MRT) on steel ropes.