We provide a global and integrated solution for condition monitoring, basing on four main competence ares:

  • signal acquisition
  • information extraction
  • predictive models creation
  • results visualization

The acquisition platform ITHACATM is based on high performance components coming from industrial automation. This choice allows to install the system inside the automation cupboards or on-board the machine. ITACA architecture is flexible and modularity, and it allows to acquire data either from field sensors or from automation’s bus.

Acquirable channels number is almost unlimited but time sincronization is always granted. Data get sent to a storage service (inner server or cloud) and can be exported in several formats depending on customer’s needings.

MoMoTe’e experience allows to develop the analysis of acquired data that best suits to customer’s requests basing on his specific expertise of the machine and the process it’s integrated in.

MoMoTe provides for two different approaches to data analysis: a short-term one (local) and a long-term one (remoted). The first one runs by ITACA directly on-board in a soft real time mode and helps the operator in the managing of machine and production process; the second one runs on a higher level and can be performed on longer timelines (e.g. weekly or monthly) for further investigations.

Industry4.0 is heavily focused on creating predictive models: efforts in acquiring and analizing big amounts of data get unuseful without a proper extrapolation of information.

MoMoTe developes different models (components’ degradation, performance analysis, …) basing on experimental data availability and on the knowledge of underlying physical models. Deterministic or statistical-inferential (Bayes theorem) approaches allow to estimate employment frings and also the uncertainty of the estimation.

Results visualization is the core of the entire process because it gives the information for the planning of the interventions. MoMoTe can build up personalized dashboards that gives a clear estimation of all the KPI the customer needs or can export data in every needed format for further analysis.