MoMoTe Srl is a spin-off of the University of Trieste.  We are a team of mechanical and civil engineers with several years spent in industrial consultancy, mechanical design and project management in mechanics, transportation and building.
The core business is machinery and plants maintenance by following two different paths:

  • non destructive testing (NDT)
  • machinery monitoring.

MoMoTe developes, sells and installs monitoring products and services by ITHACA platform, that help to maximize the performances of industrial assets, to reduce management general costs, to improve products and to optimize production.

We can also provide, due to our background, support in design, realization, installation and maintenance of various kind of plants.

MoMoTe Srl | via Valerio 10, building C5, 3rd floor- 34127 Trieste (TS)
VAT 01328500325 | REA TS-204920 | S.C. 10.000€ i.v.